Thursday, May 21, 2015

Sushi Maki

Greetings to all of my readers this week i took a visit to a restaurant that goes by the name of Sushi Maki. When i first walked through the door you are greeted in Japanese. If it is crowded then it may take  little while to be seated, but if it is not you are shown to your table right away. Everything was fast when it came to bringing drinks and asking for orders. When we did order it took a while to make the sushi to come out. There was a little problem when it came to both my dad's orders and my order being served at the same time, but besides that there was nothing else wrong. Overall the service was great and the food was pretty tasty.

I would give Sushi Maki 9/10 stars

Thursday, May 7, 2015

P.F. Chang's

Hello everyone, I'm back! This week i took the adventure to the restaurant called P.F. Chang's. When I asked my friends about the popular restaurant and everyone has told me that it's great. All i can say is that they did not lie. When walking in a waiter came immediately and sat us right away. After seating us they asked if we knew what we wanted to drink at the moment right away. It was great, they were really kind and patient. Later on when the waiter came to take our orders he was very kind and knew everything about all of the items on the menu and was honest with us when we asked about how a certain item was. The food came out pretty fast and was really tasty as well. The whole restaurant gave off a really great vibe and everyone had a great time and seems really happy. The food was great ad i had no complains about anything. When we were done we chatted for a few minutes and then the waiter came with the check. He wasn't pushy to get us out of the restaurant. Overall this was a great experience and i would definitely recommend this place to anyone.

I would give give P.F. Changs 8/10 stars

Thursday, April 30, 2015

TGI Fridays

Hello everyone im back! Well throughout the weeks that i have been going to eat food at restaurants i have found all of them too be quite pleasant in the food and service. Well not this week. Fridays or TGIF what ever you want to call it is where i dinned at this week. Lets just say that it was not the best experience. So when i walked in the front desk way kind but it took a good 15 minutes to be seated. After a long time of waiting the waiter FINALLY came over and asked us for our drinks, "Im just having water" i said and with that he was off to fetch me my beverage. When you order water you don't expect the waiter to go to the peak of a valley to pour the finest water you can find for you. Bruh, it took him TEN MINUTES to get me a glass of water! After he said that he will be right back for our orders and that didn't take very long. He came back and he took our orders and way off the have the people in the back cook up some food. The wait was long and i thought about leaving but i thought "I have to do this for my readers, they are depending on me!". So you're welcome to whoever is reading this. Now back to the food. When the food finally came it was presented decently but now top the point to where i thought that it looked so good that i wanted to shovel it in my mouth. Over all the food was decent. I didn't find anything that great there, its almost like any other chain restaurant that little kids would have their birthday at. Overall the service was awful, the waiter seemed like he didn't want to be there and definitely gave off a bad vibe. The food wasn't that tasty either, honestly i would rather go to Panera. I would not recommend this place for someone to eat at.

I would give Tgi Friday's 4/10 stars

Thursday, April 23, 2015


This week i will talk about the restaurant Samurai. Overall it was an "alright" experience. You see what this restaurant has the food made in front of you by a "samurai" (just a cook that can flip food onto your plat). When you are seated there can be people at your table that you don't know or you can be seated with just your group. When i was handed the menu it didn't take me long to know what i was going to order. The menu is very simple but not to the point where i felt like i was getting handed a kids menu. When the cook came out so did the drinks and this did not take very long at all. The presentation was tremendous, the way that the chief flipped, tossed and even cut the chicken that i ordered was getting me excited. By the time that he was done everybody food was ready and we began eat. The food was pretty tasty but after watching something that exciting it kinda gets your expectations a little too high, but the food was still on point, don't get me wrong. Over all i wold you that Samurai was a fun and exciting place to eat on a night out with friends or family, the food was good and so was the service.

I would give Samurai 7/10 stars

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Long Horn Steakhouse

On a Sunday night my family and friends visited and at at the restaurant called Long Horns. We had a table for eight and we were seated fairly quickly. When the waiter came to take are drink orders he took quit a long time for the fact that we all just ordered water and only the adults ordered achoholic beverages. The waiter was very aware at when are cups were half way empty and would always come and refill them. After the drinks the waiter did not come back to take our orders for a good 20 minutes. This became upsetting and made me and my family and friends lose my senesce if patience. After calling him over and waiting for another five minutes he finally came over to take our orders. The good thing about this restaurant is that the food did not take long after ordering and the waiter gave us the check quite quickly. During are time at Long Horns everyone was exreamly nice and did not give off any unhappy or "I don't wanna be here" vibes. Over all the experience was comforting and I would recommend this restaurant to a friend.

I would rate this restaurant  a solid seven out of ten stars

I thought that i published this when it was due but i hit save when i meant to click publish.

Rok Burger

So i paid a visit to the restaurant that goes by the name "Rok Burger". This is defiantly somewhere that you would want to go. Let me tell you about my experience. So as i was walking to the front i could tell that it was a pretty popular place, judging by how many people there were in and out of the restaurant. The wait was only about twenty minutes; that's not bad judging by how many people there were. As i was seated the waitress came over pretty quickly and asked us for our drinks. The drinks came in these cute little jam jars and even though i just had water she told us that refills were free if we just wanted to get something else. It took a while for the waitress to come back to take our orders but when she did the food came out is a decent amount of time. Okay, so when the food came out i thought that this was the food of the gods. As i took the first bit my tasted bud frenzied as if though they have just won a million dollars. It was SO flavorful that i knew that i was defiantly going back again.

I would give Rok Burger a 9/10 stars

Monday, April 6, 2015

 Welcome to my blog. When reading this fascinating blog you will learn about the service and food of the restaurants that will visit and eaten at. Over time I will go to whatever restaurants that most people have not been to or do not go to normally and judge the people that work there, as well as the food that is given to me. There will be seven restaurants that I will constructively criticise upon. Upon writing this blog I will see to it that these messages will be delivered to the owner of these establishments. Thanks, I really hope that you enjoy. You will see that on the bottom of the page i will rate the restaurant and give a link to the menu.