Thursday, May 21, 2015

Sushi Maki

Greetings to all of my readers this week i took a visit to a restaurant that goes by the name of Sushi Maki. When i first walked through the door you are greeted in Japanese. If it is crowded then it may take  little while to be seated, but if it is not you are shown to your table right away. Everything was fast when it came to bringing drinks and asking for orders. When we did order it took a while to make the sushi to come out. There was a little problem when it came to both my dad's orders and my order being served at the same time, but besides that there was nothing else wrong. Overall the service was great and the food was pretty tasty.

I would give Sushi Maki 9/10 stars

Thursday, May 7, 2015

P.F. Chang's

Hello everyone, I'm back! This week i took the adventure to the restaurant called P.F. Chang's. When I asked my friends about the popular restaurant and everyone has told me that it's great. All i can say is that they did not lie. When walking in a waiter came immediately and sat us right away. After seating us they asked if we knew what we wanted to drink at the moment right away. It was great, they were really kind and patient. Later on when the waiter came to take our orders he was very kind and knew everything about all of the items on the menu and was honest with us when we asked about how a certain item was. The food came out pretty fast and was really tasty as well. The whole restaurant gave off a really great vibe and everyone had a great time and seems really happy. The food was great ad i had no complains about anything. When we were done we chatted for a few minutes and then the waiter came with the check. He wasn't pushy to get us out of the restaurant. Overall this was a great experience and i would definitely recommend this place to anyone.

I would give give P.F. Changs 8/10 stars