Saturday, April 18, 2015

Rok Burger

So i paid a visit to the restaurant that goes by the name "Rok Burger". This is defiantly somewhere that you would want to go. Let me tell you about my experience. So as i was walking to the front i could tell that it was a pretty popular place, judging by how many people there were in and out of the restaurant. The wait was only about twenty minutes; that's not bad judging by how many people there were. As i was seated the waitress came over pretty quickly and asked us for our drinks. The drinks came in these cute little jam jars and even though i just had water she told us that refills were free if we just wanted to get something else. It took a while for the waitress to come back to take our orders but when she did the food came out is a decent amount of time. Okay, so when the food came out i thought that this was the food of the gods. As i took the first bit my tasted bud frenzied as if though they have just won a million dollars. It was SO flavorful that i knew that i was defiantly going back again.

I would give Rok Burger a 9/10 stars

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