Thursday, April 23, 2015


This week i will talk about the restaurant Samurai. Overall it was an "alright" experience. You see what this restaurant has the food made in front of you by a "samurai" (just a cook that can flip food onto your plat). When you are seated there can be people at your table that you don't know or you can be seated with just your group. When i was handed the menu it didn't take me long to know what i was going to order. The menu is very simple but not to the point where i felt like i was getting handed a kids menu. When the cook came out so did the drinks and this did not take very long at all. The presentation was tremendous, the way that the chief flipped, tossed and even cut the chicken that i ordered was getting me excited. By the time that he was done everybody food was ready and we began eat. The food was pretty tasty but after watching something that exciting it kinda gets your expectations a little too high, but the food was still on point, don't get me wrong. Over all i wold you that Samurai was a fun and exciting place to eat on a night out with friends or family, the food was good and so was the service.

I would give Samurai 7/10 stars

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